Your Guide to Basement Waterproofing Services

Waterproofing your basement is an excellent strategy for managing water infiltration and preventing damage. Without waterproofing your basement, water seepage and moisture infiltration would cause mold growth, structural damage and lower air quality. However, basement waterproofing services can help you to use this three-step process, as explained in this video.

1. Assess the Basement for Existing Issues

When the basement waterproofing technician comes, they’ll assess breaking the floor to expose the foundation. They’ll evaluate where water is infiltrating from, whether cracks or inadequate drainage systems. The analysis will guide the next steps, such as where to place the sump pit and backup unit.

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2. Implement a Waterproofing Strategy

After the assessment, the technician will devise a strategy to address the specific concerns, such as cracks. The technician may opt to place a sump pit for optimal drainage strategically. Some may install a 1/3 horsepower backup unit with a battery for continuous drainage, even during power outages.

3. Inspect and do Maintenance Regularly

Basement waterproofing services inspect waterproofed areas and check for any remaining issues. As part of their package, they also clear drainage systems and test sump pits. Since they continuously work with similar drainage systems, waterproofing services educate homeowners on the best maintenance tips for a waterproof basement.

There you go, simple ways to waterproof your basement. Essentially, you want to work with experts for proper installation and repairs. Without routine maintenance, the whole job goes down the drain.

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