Great Tips for AC Repairs

Today’s video gives a comprehensive guide that is aimed at diagnosing AC repairs, specifically focusing on troubleshooting the compressor. The linked video provides step-by-step instructions on how to determine if the compressor is the culprit behind one’s AC troubles.

To begin, the reporter ensures the breaker is properly switched off. Then, they verify if power is still reaching the unit, a crucial check to ensure the correct breaker has been turned off.

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The next step involves disconnecting the wires linked to the compressor and measuring its voltage. The voltage reading might indicate if the compressor is faulty and requires replacement. It’s essential to cross-verify the details on the compressor with those on the AC unit.

Next, acquire the new component. It’s critical to test its voltage before installing it, usually found within the AC system. Following this, carefully install the new compressor, ensuring all connections are secure and aligned correctly. After installation, it’s advisable to recheck the voltage of the newly installed compressor.

Finally, the decisive moment arrives as the breaker is turned back on to determine if replacing the compressor has resolved the AC issues. If the problem persists, further diagnostic steps might be necessary. Remember, regular maintenance is crucial for keeping your AC system in optimal condition.


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