How HVAC Installers Complete a Job

In the video above, the reporter shares insights into the plan for another house, with a focus on the glacier theme that mirrors the layout of the previous house. Notably, the furnace room’s arrangement is discussed, highlighting the change in furnace placement compared to the last project. Despite being a two-story house, the video concentrates on showcasing the basement for the day, offering a detailed perspective on the tasks at hand for HVAC installers.

The footage reveals both supply and return ducts emerging from the closet, following the wall’s path.

Video Source

The day’s goal is outlined: running ducts, setting the furnace, and ideally completing the basement. A brief mention of lunchtime adds a personal touch, acknowledging a thoughtful lunch delivery for the team. Additionally, the reporter notes the team’s gratitude for the unexpected gesture, fostering a sense of camaraderie among the crew.

After the break, the video resumes with the team running heat runs and performing pannings. Despite a pause due to the need for more 90s, progress continues with duct mud and heat run installations. The video concludes with the completion of heat runs and headers, showcasing a checklist of tasks accomplished, including combustion drain and electrical work. The final product is unveiled, with special recognition given to the reporter’s contribution and the overall quality of the finished installation.

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