Understanding Gutter Repair

A common issue faced by many homeowners, a gutter repair can seem like a daunting task. Failure to properly install a gutter can lead to the water not flowing properly and in some cases can lead to water damage to the home. When understanding gutter repair, it is important to understand the common mistakes made by others in order to have it up and functioning properly.

The first thing to pay attention to are the straps holding the gutter to the side of the home. If the number is too few then the gutter will move out from where it was initially placed.

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The number may vary based on the size of the home, however, it is important that the top is strapped before the pipe bends and the very bottom is strapped to ensure the water is flowing in the desired direction.

The next step is to ensure the downspout is connected to the gooseneck in the gutter. If this is not the case it may require a fastener. When not properly connected, water can fall directly from the gutter to the ground and not through the downspout.

For additional information about gutter repair and common mistakes, please review the attached video.


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