Installing Exterior Window Shutters

Exterior window shutters can instantly change the look of a home. While it may seem like a daunting home improvement task, understanding the steps allows the process to be easily understood. Installing exterior window shutters can only take a single afternoon when done correctly.

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The first step is to mark the shutter position on the siding. When doing this, the top of the shutter should align with the top edge of the window trim. The bottom should be flush with the lowest and thickest part of the bottom of the window trim. Be sure to leave a quarter-inch gap between the trim and the shutters to allow for the expansion and contraction of metals during changes in temperature.

The next step is drilling mounting holes into the shutters. Most require four holes, one at each corner, that should be two inches away from any edge to avoid cracks forming. Larger shutters may require additional holes drilled.

From here, realign the shutter to the marks on the siding. You will need to drill pilot holes through the mounting openings previously drilled to allow for screws to be placed in the siding without any issues.

For additional information on installing exterior window shutters, please review the attached video.


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