Understanding The Best Uses for a Tankless Electric Water Heater

Having the right parts for your home is essential for ensuring functionality and comfort. With advancements in technology, many have begun to move away from relying solely upon the traditional water heater to utilizing a tankless electric water heater. It’s important to understand the best uses for a tankless electric water heater prior to purchasing one.

Unlike traditional water heaters, a tankless electric water heater doesn’t provide a constant level of heat throughout the day. Instead, when hot water is needed the machine activates, turning on multiple elements and turning the heat up high.

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This means that machines will require a greater amount of energy in order to properly heat the water. In order to get the level of power required to activate the electric water heater, the machine must be set up to multiple 40 amp breakers. It’s important to note that though the tankless electric water heater requires more power upon initially starting to heat the water, they actually use less power overall than traditional water tanks because they don’t require a constant stream of power.

For additional information on understanding the best uses for a tankless electric water heater, please review the attached video.


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