How to Perform Air Conditioning Installations

Proper air conditioning installations are super-important. That way, the unit can operate optimally without using too much energy or negatively impacting the environment. On top of that, the AC unit can last longer. In this video, you’ll discover key steps in correctly installing air-conditioners.

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If the installation involves an existing unit, extracting refrigerant is vital. Another key step is replacing the electrical component on the outdoor unit. Also, replace several other components. So, it’s crucial to have a professional do the job. The last thing you want is to cause a malfunction by forgetting to perform a critical step.

On the other hand, it’d be best to adhere to code requirements when setting the AC pad. Following these requirements helps ensure the serviceability of the mechanical and electrical parts. Don’t forget that the pad requires resetting. When the air conditioner sits on the ground, make sure that everything is level. Sloping a bit allows water and moisture to run off away from the building.

Reconnecting refrigerant lines is also covered in this video. You’ll see how technicians use a tubing bender to form the elbows. Doing so prevents the formation of sharp elbows that may result in unwanted leaks. In conclusion, are you aware that a properly installed and maintained AC unit saves you money on your energy bill? That’s right; you stay cool without breaking the bank.


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