Common Troubleshooting for a Commercial HVAC Service

As a business owner, you’ve probably experienced how annoying it can be when your HVAC system doesn’t work or doesn’t operate as powerfully as it should. You’ll have to contact a technician to perform commercial HVAC service.

Checking Motors

The HVAC technician will start troubleshooting after they shut off the unit. They’ll check the motors to see which of the fans isn’t running like they should.

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The air and heat should flow properly through all the circuits. Normally, there’s an issue with one of the motors when the commercial HVAC unit isn’t working properly.

Experienced Contractor

You must find an HVAC contractor who has experience working with complex HVAC systems. That will prevent other issues from occurring in the future. Hiring an inexperienced contractor could lead to a system breakdown because they didn’t install the correct parts.

Blade Repair

The technician may need to repair the blade as part of commercial HVAC service. Pay close attention to the screws to avoid damaging the hub. Once the technician is finished, they’ll clean all the oil around the blades and tighten everything back up.
The entire process should be completed with minimal work. Your system will be up and running quickly!.

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