What is a VRF System?

If you aren’t familiar with or never heard the term VRF system, then you aren’t alone, because unless you work in the heating and cooling industry, this isn’t an everyday term people throw around. If you do work as an HVAC technician or in the heating and cooling world, however, the VRF acronym is something you are likely somewhat familiar with. That still leaves the question, though, what is a VRF system? Which is also what the attached video explains in some detail.

Video Source

Here is the abbreviated version of what VRF systems are and how they work to keep our homes comfortable all year round.

The VRF system (Variable Refrigerant Flow) is the relatively new kid on the HVAC block. The VRF system essentially works by using a refrigerant to operate both the heating and cooling functions of your home’s HVAC system. This ductless system also provides a higher level of energy efficiency and has the ability to perform at higher capacities than traditional heating and cooling solutions. As the aforementioned video shows, the VRF system is surprisingly simple and provides the luxury of both heating and cooling using the same unit. No, homeowners may not need to be familiar with the term VRF system, but they will definitely be familiar with the comfort it provides in the coldest or hottest seasons.


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