HVAC Cleaning for Summer

This brief video provides an overview of what to do, inside and out, to prepare your HVAC / central air conditioner unit for the hot summer months. Begin your HVAC closed loop cleaning with a new air filter and vacuum the vents inside to take care of allergens and keep the air moving efficiently. This work requires a little effort with a big return – simply ensure that the correct size air filter is on hand for replacement, remove any rugs or other items that might be covering the vents, and vacuum to remove dust and other items that may have fallen in the vents over time.

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Next, head outside to inspect and clean the condenser unit for any damage, including the insulation around the lines and the fins. If you see minor damage a fin tool can restore them. Should you encounter any larger damage be sure to contact a professional for assistance. This will ensure that all issues get resolved and you don’t run into any further problems down the road. Once inspected, remove any debris and clean the coils. This simple annual inspection, cleaning, and repair routine will keep your system running and your home cool for years to come.

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