What to Know About an Air Conditioner Duct Repair Service

If you need to make upgrades to your home HVAC system, should you automatically upgrade your ductwork? Many people don’t know much about ductwork and may not know how long air ducts can remain functional or how to check if they are performing at their best. We will explore this question and provide some great answers in the following video.

If your HVAC isn’t working at top performance, you may want to call a professional to find out how to increase airflow in hot and cold weather. Be careful, many unscrupulous HVAC people may suggest an overhaul to get your system working properly, only to pad their commission.

Honest HVAC professionals will usually ask a series of questions to start the evaluation process.

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They will typically ask:

-How is air distribution throughout the hose?
-Are some rooms cooler than others?

After hearing the homeowners’ concerns, the technician will then look at the HVAC system and inspect the ductwork. There’s a lot they can tell by the color of the ductwork insulation. The vapor linings of the ductwork can be very telling. The common colors of the vapor lining are yellow, pink, silver, and black. Yellow and pink vapor linings were used many years ago and found in homes that are 20 to 50 years old. They only have an R rating of 2. Gray ductwork has an R-value of 4 and black or silver ductwork has an R6 or R8 rating.

Before your technician tells you that you need a new HVAC system and replace the ductwork, get several estimates from reputable air conditioner duct repair service dealers. Remember to ask pertinent questions such as the color of the vapor installation, also ask if all the ducts are properly strapped in place with no kinks or rips in the materials that run to each duct. Being prepared can save you a lot of money.

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