Why Ductwork is the Second Most Important Part of an HVAC System

Most modern homes are heated and cooled through ductwork that is part of the original HVAC installation. The ductwork includes vents in all or most rooms that draw air out of the room while pushing heated or cooled air into the rooms. If the home has ductwork, the existing ducts are typically used or modified as needed when remodeling the home.

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Older homes lack ductwork and present a different challenge, particularly when the homeowner wants to keep the original brick or ceiling beams exposed. While beautiful, this desire presents challenges when a remodeling project includes an HVAC installation. The solution is often a mini-duct system.

Older homes are often smaller, so there is less room for home infrastructure. Mini-duct systems require less space than usual for the heating and cooling units, but they still need to draw and remove air from the home while draining condensation. Beyond that, the unit still needs to move air through the house, which occurs through flexible hoses installed in various locations around the house to perform correctly.
The mini-duct fittings come in a variety of finishes. They are available in wood, metal, plastic, and other finishes. Most are smaller than standard units, so their size does not take away from the overall appearance of the older home.


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